June is celebrated as Men’s Health Awareness month. It’s incredibly important to do regular checkups once every year. These checkups will not only tell you crucial numbers about your current health condition but also inform you of any existing or future complicated illnesses.

Lots and lots of men are guilty of putting off annual wellness checks for one reason or another. Some are too busy, some are afraid of what their doctors will have to say, and some simply legitimately forget to make their appointments. These physicals, though, are an essential component of overall good health.

Not only do they provide men with a chance to talk to their doctors about any concerns they may have, but they allow physicians to check for early signs of a host of health issues, including prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Catching any one of these ailments early can mean the difference between life and death, so remember there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling a wellness check every year!

AFC Urgent Care Stamford provides health checkup services 7 days a week during extended time. Until the rest of June, we are offering $49 Man Up checkup. Visit us today to stay healthy and informed about your well-being! For any further questions, please call our center at 203-969-2000.