Dehydration Treatment in Stamford, CT

When you don’t drink enough water prior to your morning run, or you powered through Saturday’s spin class without a sip of water, or you worked through your shift and never stepped foot near the water fountain, you’re setting yourself on a path to dehydration.

Staying hydrated is an absolute must for survival, especially during these hot, summer days when you feel your body overheating.  You need to keep your body functioning, and this starts with drinking water.

If you’re dehydrated, some of the biggest side effects can include headaches, lack of energy, weight gain, and a weakened immune response, thus becoming prone to getting colds and flus easily.  This is why it’s imperative to know how to stay hydrated properly.

Here are a few ways you can stay hydrated on those hot days!

Keep a water bottle handy: We’re always on the move: going from Point A to Point B and get easily distracted in the hum drum of our daily lives.  It’s easy to grab a water bottle and run out the door while on the go.  Also, take it easy on the environment and invest in a reusable water bottle!

Drink more water: On those unbearably hot days, your body is constantly working to keep cool by producing sweat, which results in a loss of water.  While water is not the single factor when it comes to staying hydrated, it does start with drinking more.  If you plan on exercising or being outdoors during unfavorable temperatures, be sure to have extra bottles on hand.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is a healthy solution to keep your hydration levels up because of their high-water content, and boosts your overall energy level. Some of the most hydrating foods include celery, watermelon, cucumber, kiwi, citrus fruit, berries, broccoli, and spinach.

Don’t drink just water: If you’re having a challenging time drinking plain water, switch up the flavor by incorporate fruits and herbs such as lemon, lime, mint leaves, or cucumbers to provide a refreshing taste.


If you’re experiencing symptoms of dehydration, don’t hesitate to visit AFC Urgent Care Stamford.  Our experienced physicians will evaluate your symptoms and provide you with the treatment you need so you won’t feel like you’re melting in the sun.

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