Vaping is a popular new way to consume nicotine. Originally, vaping and e-cigarettes were marketed as a safe alternative to traditional smoking. This new technology has become especially popular in groups of teens and young adults. The ability to use a vape indoors and the convenience of enjoying a variety of flavors draws in potential vape users. While vape manufacturers may lead you to believe their product is safe, it turns out there are actually many invisible risks associated with vaping!

Lung Problems

One of the biggest attractions to vaping comes from the fun variety of flavors available. Any character you can imagine is available in a convenient vaping liquid, but those flavors could be causing some severe damage to your lungs. Many flavors contain a chemical called propylene glycol. This chemical was initially used in microwave popcorn factories to give the popcorn it’s signature buttery taste. It turns out the compound isn’t as safe as the factories though. Many employees suffered from lung problems after inhaling the chemical, this became known as “popcorn lung.” Vape users are now suffering from the same condition after inhaling large amounts of propylene glycol in their vaping liquid.

Addictive Behavior

Vaping and e-cigarettes feed addictive behavior. The majority of the products sold contain nicotine, some in even higher amounts than traditional cigarettes. For teens and young adults, a vaping habit may be what introduces them to their nicotine addiction in the first place. Teens who vape are also more likely to drink, smoke traditional cigarettes, and use other recreational drugs. Vaping promotes not only addictive behavior but dangerous behavior as well.

Second-Hand Smoke

There’s a common misconception that the second-hand smoke put off from a vape isn’t harmful. In reality, the second-hand smoke from a vape is just as toxic as that from a traditional cigarette. Young children have even been poisoned after sniffing, touching, and trying to eat the sweet-smelling vape liquid. Vaping has now been outlawed in most public places because lawmakers have begun to recognize the dangers of the second-hand smoke.
If you’re a vape user now and the thought of quitting seems like too much, try to decrease your intake one day at a time slowly. You can speak with your doctor about alternative options to help curb nicotine cravings also. If you’re thinking about vaping, especially at a young age, keep these invisible dangers in mind!