It is very important to understand the differences between an emergency room and an
urgent care center. If you are suffering from minor injuries and illnesses such as minor
cuts, sprains, seasonal allergies or insect bites, visit an urgent care center instead of the
emergency room. Save the ER trips for more serious injuries or conditions such as deep/big
cuts, intense vomiting, the sign of heart attacks, poisoning, major life-threatening injuries etc.
Here are the reasons why:

Quality Treatment

Urgent Care facilities have staff specialized in a variety of common and generally minor
injuries/illnesses. You are guaranteed proper care and treatment here. Most Urgent Cares
have access to x-ray machines, some medications for pain management, and labs onsite.
Your urgent care providers can also offer physical exam services for employment purposes.
Consider visiting any Urgent Care the next time you experience any of the following:
 Allergies
 Flu and Common Colds
 Strep Throat
 Fevers
 Cuts and Severe Scrapes
 Minor Broken Bones
 Minor Burns
 Vomiting and Diarrhea
 Pinkeye
 Ear Pain
 Rashes
 UTIs
 Bronchitis
 Infections
 Shots
 Animal Bites
 STDs
 Physical Exams
 Travel Medicine

Shorter Wait Time

Many people go to the ER for minor or non-threatening issues, which makes the wait times
stack up quickly. No one likes to wait, but when hurting or feeling ill, these waits can be
even more excruciating to sit through. This can be avoided almost completely by visiting an
urgent care center.

Many Urgent Care facilities allow you to book an appointment online or even call ahead.
This helps medical staff know what may be coming in or what wait times look like. Even
better, many urgent care centers welcome walk-in patients and the patients can expect to
be seen in roughly 15 to 30 minutes. Additionally, Urgent Cares are open 7 days a week,
later hours than your average physician and clinic, and on holidays!

Save More Money

Did you know that the average cost for an ER visit in 2010 was $969.00? That is too big of a
price tag if you are just having a few minor scrapes and cuts on your thigh. Instead by going
to an Urgent Care, nearly all of their procedures can be covered by insurance, and the cost
is often a much more manageable to take care of your medical needs and issues.
You never know when an emergency will strike or an accident could happen. Though there
are certain situations when going to the ER is the only and best option – when applicable,
going to an Urgent Care center is a much more efficient and wallet-friendly choice. They
bridge the medical aid gap between small health care needs and critical or those extreme
life and death situations. Go ahead and save yourself the hassle. Keep Urgent Care centers
in mind.