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Medical Minutes

How Can I Tell If I Have a Hernia?

Urgent care centers diagnose a good number of hernias. Let’s explore the world of hernias!
What are hernias?
The hernias referred to in this Medical Minute are groin, or inguinal hernias,. More commonly found in men, an inguinal hernia occurs when part of the small intestine protrudes through a tear or weakness in your groin (the area between your abdomen […]

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Measles Back in the News; Why We're Seeing It Again



Measles has resurfaced in New York and Connecticut. at AFC Urgent Care Stamford we want you to know what to do should you come in contact with someone with Measles-like symptoms. The majority of the cases are being traced back to “Anti-Vaxxers”, people opposed to immunizations. In the case of the measles, the MMR […]

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