AFC Urgent Care Stamford encourages parents to enroll their kids in sports. Sports teach kids discipline, give them a friend group and can keep them healthy! Sports have amazing benefits for kids of all ages and getting your child hooked in a healthy lifestyle is always a plus. However, sports such as baseball, hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, and many others may require your children to wear protective gear. Picking the right equipment for your children is extremely important, the last thing any parent wants to do is send their kids on to the playing field with wrong sports gear. AFC Urgent Care Stamford is here to give you some pointers on the type of equipment your child should be wearing.

Make sure male children wear cups

If you have a boy and they are in any type of contact sports such as baseball, football, lacrosse it is essential that you get them to wear a cup. When a male child is growing up, his reproductive system needs to be protected while it is changing. Any damages to the male child’s reproductive system can lead to serious development issues & significant health complications.

Don’t overlook heart guards!

Heart guards were never apart of sports, but in recent years, more sports are making heart guards mandatory for kids to play. The heart guard is essential in sports such as baseball, where an object (ball) can fly at high speeds and can hit a child’s chest & potentially stop his heart. Heart guards can be sold at specific sports stores or can be bought online.

Eyewear is important too!

Eyewear may be the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to sports. The eyes are one of the most important organs we have on our body, they literally control one of our senses. In sports, eyewear was never thought of until recently. Anything can damage your children’s eyes from dirt being kicked up to blunt force trauma from an object. Eyewear needs to be custom fit, so it is essential to take your eye gear to an optometrist to make sure they fit your safety.

We hope these tips will help you get more of an idea on how to protect your child when enrolling them in sports! For any more questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact us at 203.969.2000.