It is not unusual to confuse allergy symptoms with cold or flu symptoms. At AFC Urgent Care Stamford we will be able to help you distinguish between the 2, and treat appropriately for either seasonal allergies or a cold.

What are the differences between cold symptoms and allergy symptoms?

With a cold, typical symptoms include congestion and a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, fatigue, aches and pains, and sometimes even a low grade fever.

Seasonal allergies share many of these symptoms- itchy, watery eyes, fatigue, sneezing and sometimes asthma. They can last for a long time- a few weeks to months when we’re having an especially rough allergy season, which we are anticipating this year.

You can prevent much of the suffering due to allergies by controlling your environment to the best of your abilities.

Techniques such as:

  • showering as soon as you come in the door
  • remaining indoors during high pollen count days
  • keeping windows closed and air conditioning on during allergy season and high pollen count days
  • driving with the windows closed and the AC on to filter pollen.

When all else fails, allergy medication is available. Over the counter meds remedies such as Zyrtec or Nasonex nasal spray can help prevent allergy symptoms, and Clariton or Allegra are 2 popular and effective over the counter remedies to help get you through the allergy season. Watch the AFC Urgent Care Medical Minute for further info