Not only is this now the time of year for holiday shopping, it’s also the season for holiday travels!

Traveling can expose you to a new culture, values, and unfortunately illnesses.  There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather when you’re about to embark on an exotic trip.

Whether you’re traveling for work, a study abroad program, or leisure, they las thing you want to is get sick from drinking contaminated water, or mosquito bites, or excessive heat.

Here are few ways you can avoid getting sick during your travels.

Get vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is always a tried and true method of avoiding infectious diseases.  Be sure to visit a walk-in clinic like AFC Urgent Care Stamford to receive your travel vaccinations before your trip.  We recommend visiting us at least a month before your trip, as some vaccinations require multiple doses.  However, we accommodate last-minute travelers.

Don’t travel while sick

Traveling during peak cold and flu season can make you more prone to sickness.  You want to avoid germy public places such as planes and public transit if you can.  Be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Stamford to get your seasonal flu shot to avoid getting the flu from your traveling counterparts!

Bring medicine with you

Stock up on key medicine for headaches and stomach pains to bring with you for your trip.  If you experience motion sickness, be sure to visit our urgent care center for your travel medicine needs for anti-malaria, motion sickness, and altitude sickness.

Use bottled water

You may want to save money by using tap water, but some places you might travel have contaminated water.  Be sure to drink bottled water, avoid brushing your teeth with tap water, and don’t consume from opened bottles at restaurants.