Preparing for the flu season during COVID-19 may leave you with a few puzzling questions. However, don’t let your worries get in the way of you taking preventative measures to prevent catching the flu. The flu and COVID-19 are two different infections, and while they share similar symptoms, they should not be treated as one and the same. The flu season is almost here and COVID-19 is still present, but you should still take all the precautions you normally take to prevent developing the flu infection. 

Best Time to Get the Flu Shot

The “earlier the better” doesn’t always apply, and in the case of the flu shot, you do not want to get yours too early.  The flu vaccine needs approximately two weeks after receiving the dosage to take effect. During that period, the body develops antibodies against the current strain of flu virus that is in circulation during the present flu season. Getting the flu shot during September or early October is best for effectiveness. Your body will have enough time to build up immunity against the influenza viruses before any starts to spread across communities. One of the most vulnerable groups during the flu season are older individuals, 65 and over, who in particular, should not risk reduced protection against the flu by getting their flu shot too early. It’s possible for the flu viruses to continue circulating in January and later, but still get your flu shot even if you missed it early during the season.

Is it Possible to Contract the Flu and Other Respiratory Illnesses at the Same Time as COVID-19?

Are you wondering if you can get the flu and other respiratory illnesses and COVID-19 at once? It is possible to experience the combination of illnesses, although questions about the occurrence of such a case are still being investigated by researchers. Coinfection is possible, but the likelihood of such an occurrence is currently unknown. The flu and COVID-19 share some common symptoms, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, which can make differentiating between the two on the basis of physical symptoms somewhat challenging. Doctors can employ diagnostic testing to make an accurate diagnosis between the flu and COVID-19.

Can the Flu Vaccine Provide Any Protection Against COVID-19?

 Flu vaccines are created with a specific purpose and only provide protection against flu viruses. It is not possible to use the flu vaccine to provide immunity against COVID-19. In the event of exposure to COVID-19 and you start showing symptoms, if you’ve already taken the flu shot, it can help your doctor to make the correct diagnosis of your illness.

Walk-In Flu Shots in Stamford, CT 

Getting the flu shot this season is crucial for your health. If you are unsure about your symptoms, get tested for the flu and COVID-19. Schedule a telemedicine screening with AFC Urgent Care Stamford for COVID-19 viral or antibody testing to know your status and ease your worries. Our skilled healthcare professionals will provide you with the support you need. For questions, please call 203-969-2000.