After our last Medical Minute on differentiating  between sprains and broken bones, we thought it made sense to follow it up with how to assess when one might need stitches.

Stitches are used to mend and join together skin after an injury. They’re necessary in some instances, but not in all. If there is a cut with an open wound it is always advisable to go to the doctor, or come on into our Stamford urgent care center so that we can assess whether or not they’re necessary. There are some important first steps everyone should take however, immediately following the accident.

What steps should be taken after getting a cut?

  • Soak the cut in water (keeping it clean is important)
  • Soak in hydrogen peroxide for first day of injury
  • Use an antibacterial ointment or Vaseline for a skin barrier
  • Put pressure on the wound to help stop bleeding
  • Steps will vary based on severity of the cut and injury

 What Stitches alternatives are there?

  • Dermabond: medical adhesive gluedermabond
  • Steri-Strips: tape/bandaging device


 What about dissolving stitches?

We don’t use them often. We like patients to come in to get them taken out and to let us check for possibility of skin infection.

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