With the phased return to work process in Connecticut beginning on May 20th, AFC Urgent Care in Stamford is supporting workplace safety by offering both:

  • COVID-19 viral testing, and
  • COVID-19 antibody testing 

AFC Provides Testing and Certification of Non-infection

AFC Urgent Care provides comprehensive COVID-19 testing and certification of non-infection for general back to work requirements,  

We support COVID-19 testing sponsored by employers to confirm that workers are either not infected with SARS-CoV-2 or are immune due to prior infection.  Medical authorities state that this may be the most effective tool to gradually relax social distancing measures and get the country back to work. 

Employers can enable broad and frequent testing of their employees and require certification that they are not currently infected before they come back into the workplace.

AFC’s Testing Process

  • For both COVID-19 viral and antibody testing, the process begins with a screening Telemedicine visit with our medical providers.
  • COVID-19 viral testing is conducted as a drive-thru appointment with a nasal swab procedure.
  • COVID-19 antibody testing is performed though a blood draw at our center.
  • If both COVID-19 viral and COVID-19 antibody testing is required, we can arrange an appropriate testing schedule.  
  • Certification of Non-Infection will be provided after the results of testing are reviewed and approved by our medical providers.

Patient Health & Safety

  • We are dedicated to your health and want to feel confident and comfortable at our urgent care center. We implement stringent infection prevention and regular monitoring of patients and staff for symptoms.

AFC Urgent Care Employer Services

  • AFC Urgent Care provides a convenient, fast, accessible solution for patients and employers. When you come to AFC you’ll be treated by licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day, including doctors, physician assistants and nurses. We offer on-site lab services, drug screens, physicals (including DOT), travel consult & vaccinations and workers comp treatment & case management. AFC Urgent Care offers comprehensive walk-in medical care in its 13 locations throughout Connecticut and 200+ locations throughout the country.

For more information about our Back to Work COVID-19 Testing Program and other Occupational Health Services, please contact:

Jessica Rodriguez



For more information on antibody testing, please click here.