Back to school time is officially here and although parents may be relieved to get a little more time to themselves, they’re also filled with plenty of worries and questions. Back to school is a stressful time, but luckily, we’re here to help! Check out this easy-to-use back to school tips for any parent who needs a little help with back-to-school.

Get in a Routine 

A couple of weeks before the school year starts, you should begin to form a routine with your children. Get them into the habit of having a bedtime and wakeup time similar to what they’ll have during the school year. If they’re used to an unstable sleep schedule, the school year will come as a shock to them. 

Discuss Travel Plans 

Will your child be taking the bus, car, or walking to school? If they’re planning to take the bus, go over time and walk to the bus stop with them before the first day. If they’ll be walking to school, review safety tips with them. They’ll need to be aware of cars, wear bright clothing, and use a buddy system to avoid walking alone. 

Upgrade Their Old Backpack 

A poor-fitting backpack can create back problems in your child. Take them to the store to pick out a new pack that fits them well. The chest and waist strap should clasp easily with the straps tightened, so the bag isn’t hanging too low. Encourage your child always to use the chest and waist strap, especially if they’ll be walking to and from school. They’ll like this tip even more because it gives an excuse to buy a fresh new bag! 

Talk to Your Child 

Before your child’s first day, you should have an open conversation with them about any concerns they have. Remind them that starting school is an exciting thing! They’ll be able to make new friends, explore new things, and become more independent. If your child is nervous about bullying or having a negative experience, it’s a good idea to talk to the principal or counselor to learn more about their policies. 

Back to school shouldn’t be a time that you or your children are dreading. It’s normal for you both to be nervous, but try to focus on the positives that come with school. Start planning, talking, and shopping now because the school year will be halfway over before you know it!