Staying healthy is a task that never ends. You have to be able to listen to your body, follow modern medicine, and adapt to find what works for you. These five men’s health tips are easy to follow, and such simple changes may have a much more significant impact than you realize!

1. Wait and Think Technique 

Mental health is just as important as physical health. A healthy mind is the only way to achieve a healthy body. Begin to improve your mental health by using a wait and think technique. This means that instead of following your impulses that may be based out of negative emotions, take a step back and spend 60 seconds thinking about your decision. If you believe after the 60 seconds that your choice is still the best for you, then it probably is! 

2. Avoiding Low Back Pain

Reduce the low back pain you feel by raising your rear-view mirror. If you tilt the mirror up, you’ll be forced to use better posture in the car to get a good look. The proper position helps align your spine correctly and reduce chronic low back pain. 

3. Chew Your Food

Many busy adults make the mistake of drinking more of their calories than they realize. Experts say that you should chew as many of your meals and calories as possible. Rather than having some juice, opt for a fresh piece of fruit. The act of chewing is essential to fulfilling the hunger signals in our brain. Your stomach will also feel full longer as it works to break down whole foods rather than a liquid. 

4. Slice it thin

When you’re slicing meats, cheeses, and even fresh produce, try to slice it thinner than you typically would. Thin slices trick your brain into thinking your full, even if you aren’t eating as much. The thin slices also force you to eat slower and think about how much you’re eating. 

5. Raising Good Cholesterol 

As men age, it’s normal for them to worry about their cholesterol. A commonly overlooked food that could make a big difference in your cholesterol numbers is pistachios! Enjoy a handful at lunch instead of those vending machine chips. You’ll know you’re taking care of your health and still get to enjoy a delicious snack! 

Begin using these health tips today to kickstart your new lifestyle. After all, why wait when you could enjoy a healthier you today? If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your family doctor.