It’s the new year & hopefully, you want to use this new begging as a time to upgrade yourself! Every year people make their new years resolutions, but we here at AFC Urgent Care Stamford want you all to pick more reasonable goals instead. We would like you to think about the goals you want from yourself & not fitness models & celebrities.

Change your diet

Changing your diet does not mean to completely go vegan or vegetarian (unless that is what you want), but instead, it means to start with some tweaks to eat healthier foods. A good start is to incorporate vegetables & clean carbs. Clean carbs mean whole wheat pasta, brown rice & of course rice & vegetables. However, there are many foods out there that are already considered clean carbs. Make sure you do your research!

Clean your space

Let’s be real here, nobody wants to come home after a long day & look at a messy house. It is also true for most of us that nobody wants to go back after a long day & start cleaning. Studies show that being in a dirty room will make you less productive. Even if you don’t feel like it, looking at a mess all day will trigger some anxiety because you are looking at things that need to be done all day. Coming home to a clean house or room will have you feeling relaxed & will also give you a sense of accomplishment. This positive energy can also help provide some motivation to get out there & do more things.

Easy workout

You do not need a gym membership to start working out. If you want to start exercising but are afraid you don’t have the time or the money, don’t worry. There are many at home workouts that you can look up online that are extremely manageable & will give you results if you stick with it. Once you are comfortable with your at home workouts, you can then transition to a gym when you are ready & this way you stay on track yo reach your final goal!