August is National Immunization Month, and school begins for most children right on its’ heals. Watch this Medical Minute on 2014 back to school tips and immunizations. We want your child (and you!) prepared and transitioned into school with as little stress as possible

Out of the gate back to school basics:

  • All children participating in fall sports require sports physicals (remember to bring the sports physical form with you)
  • Immunizations and school physicals should be prioritized, make sure your child is up to date on these appointments. If you have any vaccine concerns over vaccines, consult with your doctor
  • Make sure to keep copies of all immunization records
  • Use your school’s schedule to mark back to school open houses and parent-teacher conferences
  • A summer full of late nights and less structure can be overcome by setting up a back to school routine at least one week prior to the first day of school with a consistent bed time and time for meals, especially breakfast!
  • Having a set time to turn off all electronics including computers, phones and tablets and TV for the night is important. Implementing this policy a week or two in advance is helpful in breaking “the spell”.
  • Create a specific homework area

 First Week of School Support:

  • Prepare lunches the night before to avoid rushing
  • Make time for your child to have a healthy breakfast
  • Teach your child how to use alarms, and set one for yourself. Try and make them less dependent on you. This works…sometimes!

Help your child overcome back to school anxiety:

  • Remember to keep a cool head and not to be anxious. This helps reinforce confidence and low stress levels with your child
  • Identify strategies that your child can use to cope if feeling overwhelmed
  • Be there for them emotionally and physically as much as possible. This can be a stressful time for children, no matter what age, and for you!
  • Encourage your child to make friends, and help plan play dates and after school activities that take their mind off of school
  • When at all possible, volunteer at your child’s school . While it is sometimes difficult for working parents, it is strongly believed that children do better at school if a parent is present and involved with their child’s world at school.

 Backpack Safety:

  • Wide padded shoulder backpacks are the best choice for children
  • Heavy items should be packed toward the center of the back
  • Make sure you child wears both straps
  • If your child’s school allows roller-backpacks, consider buying one
  • Avoid over pack their backpack. Web MD recommends the following body weight to backpack weight:

Child’s Weight/Backpack Weight:

50 pound 5 pounds

75 pounds 7.5 pounds

100 pounds 10 pounds

125 pounds 12.5 pounds

150 pounds 15 pounds

At AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Stamford we are available for all school and sports physicals as well as necessary immunizations. See our current back to school special we are running right here.